The reception area is a bright, purpose designed room with access to a safe quiet rear garden; perfect for walking dogs to aid post-operative recovery or to relax them before treatment.

The reception is routinely staffed by Julia and Sue and backed up very ably by our multi-talented veterinary nurses, Emma and Stephanie.

We are very committed to providing a high level of client care. This includes the usual process of booking appointments and handling client/patient details, but also covers advice where requested on topics such as worming and flea treatments, helping with pet insurance documentation and pet passports.

The whole team is very flexible and we work together to meet our client’s needs.

Surgical facilities

We have a fully equipped operating theatre that handles a wide variety of surgical procedures, from elective neutering and more routine lump removals to surgical emergencies.

We also use the services of orthopaedic surgeon Neil Adams with all procedures taking place on site.

We aim to be as flexible as possible, booking routine procedures to suit our client’s busy lives.


The surgery has a newly installed `state of the art` digital x-ray facility. We handle emergency, routine and specialist orthopaedic cases.

We also offer Kennel Club standard x-rays for hip and elbow scores.

Our digital x-ray machine is a speedy and fantastic tool for dealing with patients in emergency situations as well as routine.


In recent years ultrasonography has become an integral part of the veterinary surgeon’s diagnostic armoury – giving vital, real-time dynamic images of the internal organs.

Ultrasonography is also used for pregnancy diagnosis.


We have a full dental suite to keep those pearly whites shining. We take dental health very seriously and are happy to discuss this with our clients.

Poor dental hygiene can lead to a number of other serious issues not to mention the bad breath.


Our in-house laboratory facilities allow us to conduct blood, urine and faecal screens. Our blood biochemistry analyser provides a range of diagnostic profiles, including general health, pre-anaesthetic, electrolyte and thyroid checks.

We have a keen interest in laboratory tests associated with reproductive health, both in terms of genetic testing for hereditary diseases and testing for optimal timing for mating.

We also have a close working relationship with an external laboratory giving access to a wide range of tests and expert clinical pathologists with a wealth of knowledge for additional analysis.

Blood pressure monitoring

Measuring the blood pressure of pets has become an essential tool as an `early warning system` for a number of important diseases.

Using our digital blood pressure monitor, we can measure blood pressure simply and without causing stress to the patient.

Graphically displayed results enable us to break down the different aspects of blood pressure and the circulation, maximising the information gathered and giving a great insight into a pet’s health.


The surgery has separate, neatly designed cat and dog kennels of varying sizes with underfloor heating and 24 hour CCTV monitoring.

An isolation facility allows us to intensively nurse particularly sick patients.

Nurse Clinics

Our qualified nursing team offers a variety of clinics ranging from simple nail clips, help with new pets, internal and external parasite treatment, life stage advice to ongoing disease monitoring.

The aim is to make sure that our clients have all the information they need to make the best choices to maintain the health of their pets. Our nurses are here to answer any pet health concerns.