I have had over 20 years of experience working in veterinary practice in various roles from nursing to administration.I have been involved with dogs all my life. My first experiences came from spending time with my paternal Grandfather who was a hill shepherd at Otterburn. There followed a succession of family pets although I didn’t ever manage to get the pony I constantly had on Christmas lists! My mother did have one heart stopping moment when her father announced he had bid on a pony (unsuccessfully as it happened. I was devastated; she was delighted!). I have had one other main interest, which is sport; once competing, now spectating, particularly the best sport in the world- cricket. As a competitive person I decided it would be good to combine dogs and competition so decided to do obedience and after a number of successful years was bitten by the showing bug and have shown and bred Border Collies for this purpose. Always up for a challenge, I decided a couple of years ago to return to the breed that was my first ever ‘own’ dog and a Pembroke Corgi was requested from a very well known kennel and after an 18 month wait Morgan joined us. He has had a fabulous puppy career, doing well everywhere I have shown him. My other great interest is the wellbeing of dogs and I feel health testing is an absolute must whenever anyone decides to breed their dog. If an owner does everything possible to only breed from healthy animals hopefully the offspring will have happy, healthy lives. There are a number of ways to achieve this from eye testing, hip and elbow scoring and many DNA tests, which can give you a clearer picture of what you can expect.

Stu about Julia

“Endlessly experienced in the veterinary world. From nursing to reception and administration, Julia has done it all. Julia is a dog breeder and a show judge with huge knowledge of all aspects of dog breeding. A keen sports fan, Julia fits our team brilliantly.”

Emma about Julia

“A fountain of knowledge, a real dog lover and great fun to be around”